Who are we?

High school sweethearts who started out on shaky ground but through hard work and commitment decided that marriage is worth the work. We launched Built for Two so we could inspire and empower couples of all ages and stages to pursue God and each other for the the sake of their legacy!

We are two people who have defied the odds stacked against us and in spite of it all, love all things marriage and family! Everything we do is for the sake of our legacy. We don’t pursue God and each other just to be able to say we have a great marriage, we do it all for the sake of the generations coming behind us.

There are plenty of things vying for our attention, whether it’s the success of our career, the pursuit of dreams or the busyness of life but no matter what tries to distract us, the most important thing we can do is invest in our marriage and our family.

We spend our days working, Chad in the building industry and Megan for a nonprofit ministry, using our gifts, talents and passions for the Kingdom or hanging with our family. We have two adult kids Chandler and Riley Chad. Chandler, our oldest is 28 and married Landyn in 2018 and welcomed our first grand baby Sutton Paige in 2019. Riley and Savannah said yes to forever in 2020 and welcomed River Chad in the beginning of 2022. Our hearts and lives are full and we know first hand the gift of time with the people that matter most.

Outside of our family we have a fantastic community of like-minded couples in similar life stages that we love to hang out with, travel with and just do life with. Without these people in our corner cheering us on we wouldn’t be able to do what we do!

Why do we do what we do?

For you. Plain and simple we do what we do because we love encouraging people, specifically couples in the area of marriage and keeping the main things the main things. We believe that when we clearly define our hopes, dreams and goals as a couple we can develop a simple roadmap to get there. We didn’t arrive at a great marriage overnight but after years of practice and making little shifts we’ve leaned how to love each other well, cheer each other on and deal with the junk when it gets in the way of all God has for us.

Our hope is that as you read the pages of this website, listen to our podcast episodes or connect with us on social media (and hopefully someday soon in real life) that you are encouraged and empowered to take your next step towards God and each other for the sake of your legacy!